About Us

As a Filipino-owned enterprise, this company has been a prominent player in the food industry for a decade, broadening its reach into various food-related sectors to cater to larger customer demographics.



Dietary concessionaire in
Cardinal Santos Memorial Center

Our Vision

To be one of the leading food service providers giving World-Class products and services.

Our Mission

Cultivating a sustainable harmony between People, Planet, and Profit.




Core Values

Our set of beliefs that motivates us to act and move as one guided by our core ideologies.

Going over and beyond,
dedication and heartfelt
concern for both customers
and employees.

Working together across
teams and departments
to achieve common goals.

To think and act fast.
Adapting quickly and
efficiently to changes
and challenges.

Upholding ethical
principles, honesty,
and trust in all
professional interactions.

Taking responsibility
for actions and decisions,
ensuring ethical conduct.

Striving for the highest quality,
setting and meeting world-class

Core Ideology

Our day-to-day guiding principles that set our values towards pursuing our mission in the hope of achieving our vision.

Emphasizing creativity
embracing new culinary
techniques and technologies,
and staying ahead of industry
trends to offer unique and
excellent eating

Providing the best
customer experience.

Actively pursuing
environmentally responsible
practices, working with local
producers, minimizing waste,
and promoting a culture that
values long-term ecological

Giving the best
quality to customers.


The significant stepping stones of our journey towards the promise of the future and beyond.


14 20

Company started with 3 employees with main brand, Yummy Diet.

Successfully relocated the culinary operations from a residential kitchen to a dedicated facility in San Juan.

Diversified our portfolio to encompass a total of 2 distinct brands.

20 15


Relocated to a bigger commissary.

20 17


Successfully introduced our second brand, Smart Meals, on January 2017

Enhanced our commissary infrastructure to accommodate a daily capacity of serving 10,000 clients

20 19


20 21


Founded a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and established a strategic partnership with CSMC

20 23

Passed ISO standards for Dietary Services Requirements of Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC)



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