We exist to Produce and Innovate real food - healthy food. 

Create awareness one community at a time.

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For half a decade now, Yummy Diet has been an active food delivery service aimed at advocating wellness and a healthy lifestyle. From our humble beginnings, we have continued to provide quality, healthy, and delicious meals. Along with our group of chefs who devotedly and meticulously plan each meal is our in-house Nutritionist-Dietitian with whom they work closely to deliver the perfect combinations of meals that can satisfy and nourish our customers.

Yummy Diet knows that each person has different preferences when it comes to food. In line with this, we have prepared multiple programs to suit these different wants. LOW CAL, our flagship program, aims to stabilize calorie consumption without sacrificing taste. LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN DIET is a high protein meal plan good for building muscle mass. Our recent addition, KETO, promotes fat burning by limiting carb consumption to a minimum. Finally, our soon to launch program, DASH, are meals aimed at preventing and combating hypertension.

Our advocacy doesn’t end with these four programs; we are continually reinventing ourselves to match our clients’ health and fitness goals. We will continually strive to bring the latest trends, and even a few of our own original ideas to you, our customers. While you wait for our next big surprise, feel free to browse through our menu and see which program best suits your lifestyle.